Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does the school offer?

We offer preschool from two and a half years to eighth grade.

How old are children who enter kindergarten?

To enter our kindergarten program, the student must be 5 years old no later than August 31st.

For preschool, does my child have to be toilet trained?

Children must be toilet trained and not use diapers, and must be able to independently use the bathroom.

What are the school hours?

Our hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

* We currently have a modified schedule to keep our students safe during the pandemic.

Do you have childcare before and after school?

Yes, we offer childcare from 7:30 a.m. and until 5:00 p.m.. Your children can remain in our program under supervision until they are picked up with a prior BASS reservation. Space is limited.

Does the school offer lunch?

Currently, all of our students bring their own lunch. We are working to be able to offer lunch service at school for our students.

Does the school offer a transportation service (school bus)?

We do not have a transportation service. Students are transported by their parents or guardians to the school.

Do you have a summer program?

We offer summer preschool as long as our building is available. It is important to be aware of changes and updated announcements about summer programs as they may vary each year.

How is the Catholic faith taught in school?

Our students learn about the faith through a grade-appropriate curriculum. We offer opportunities to practice their faith through prayer, the lives of the Saints, weekly Mass, and community service.

What percentage of the teachers are Catholic?

85% of our teachers are Catholic, and 70% are of Hispanic/Latino origin

Can children prepare for the sacraments at school?

Our students prepare for First Communion once they reach second grade. We also offer confirmation preparation to our middle school students.

Can a student in need of learning support or other need enter Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School?

During the interview with the school principal, it is important that parents or guardians mention any additional information about the therapy or other treatments that the student is receiving. If the school determines that it cannot provide the necessary services then it will refer the family to contact the appropriate services. We work in conjunction with the services offered by the education system of the city of Seattle to complement the education of students.

What does the monthly tuition cover?

The monthly tuition covers a percentage of teachers’ salaries and benefits.

How are expenses that are not covered by tuition paid? Are there other financial obligations per year?

Since tuition only covers a percentage of teachers’ salaries and benefits, all families are committed to raising funds to cover maintenance costs for our facilities and to continue supporting the excellent programs our school offers. All the families of the school, in conjunction with the parish, work together to provide this type of education, which gives us a much deeper sense of community. During the school year, we have fundraising events.

What discounts are there for tuition?

The school offers two types of tuition: for official members of the Sagrada Familia parish and for those who are not registered members. We offer a discount on tuition for registered families, meaning that the family has officially registered with the parish and has a parishioner number. In this case, the family will receive the lowest tuition.

Do you offer scholarships for tuition?

All families can apply for financial aid through our website. We encourage you to apply and give yourself the opportunity to explore how accessible our school can be.