Tuition and Enrollment

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At Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School, affordability is very important to us. Check out our tuition information below. School tuition rates are determined by the School Commission.

2024-2025 school year tuition

K-8 In-Parish Tuition Rate

Families are registered and contributing members of Holy Family Parish.

 Full tuition rate12 Monthly Payments (July 2023 – June 2024)
Each student$7,120 per year$593 per month, if divided in 12 months.
$712 per month, if divided in 10 months.

K-8 Non-Parish Tuition Rate

Per child and are not eligible for a sibling discount. Non- Parish rate is the cost to educate a child at Holy Family.

Full tuition rate12 Monthly Payments (July 2022 – June 2023)
Each student$10,651 per year
$888 per month, if divided in 12 months.
$1,065 per month, if divided in 10 months.

Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Tuition Rate for in parish and non-parish

Per child and are not eligible for a sibling discount.

Full DayFull tuition rate12 Monthly Payments (July 2022 – June 2023)
Each student$10,922$910 per month, if divided in 12 months.
$1092 per month, if divided in 10 months.
Other fees apply, please read the Tuition and Fees Information

Please contact us for additional tuition questions.

Tuition assistance is available for grades Kindergarten to 8th only. Please contact the main office for more information and complete the application through FACTS Management.

Our Admissions process

Registration checklist

  • Fill out the online Inquiry form (you’ll be promptly contacted by our Admissions team).
  • Schedule a tour, we’ll love to meet you and tell you more about us.
  • Ready to apply? Please read through the following steps, then click the link below to begin the application process. 
    • Using the following link, create a SchoolAdmin account with your information. You only need one account for your whole family; there is no need to create multiple accounts for each child. Keep this login information for future use, as SchoolAdmin will be your portal for the entire admissions process and financial management platform. Once you are in the SchoolAdmin Parent Portal, you should see two large buttons. To begin a new application, click the green button that says ‘Begin admissions process. 
    • Sign & submit the form. Once submitted, we will contact you regarding admissions decisions.
  • If your student is in grades K-8th, a virtual, in-person or phone meeting with the principal will be part of the process.
  • Early Education families will also be required to meet with the director of Early Education.
  • Complete the online tuition contract (all sections including family fundraising commitment section).
  • If accepted, a contract will be generated please complete all questions.
  • Complete the before and after school supervision program (B.A.S.S.) paper contract. This needs to be filled out and signed even if you don’t think you’ll be using the before and after school program.  It gives the school permission to provide care if needed.
  • Electronically sign photography and video release form.
  • Volunteer hours: All families are required to volunteer, please see the contract.  In order to volunteer, families need to complete the Safe Environment training designed to help keep our students safe. This should be done through Virtus at If classes are not currently being held due to COVID-19, you can create your account and take the class once these are available again. Thank you!
  • Attention Kindergarten parents, we will let you know if an assessment is required at this time.

Additional documents needed

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunizations
  • Copy of Baptism certificate (If applicable)
  • Previous school information and paperwork for students transferring to Holy Family.
  • Copy of letter of financial Contributions to Holy Family Parish ( If applicable, for Catholic tuition rate)

Registration Fee

The registration fee for families new to Holy Family is $510, including a one-time initial enrollment fee. This is due at the time of filling out your contract.

Making the registration fee payment

Once your contract is all completed on School Admin, you’ll be able to access your BILLING management tab and make the payment directly using your bank account information registration Payment can also be made by check.

If you have any questions regarding the contract or payment, you can contact our office administrator Nathalie at (206) 767-6640 or our Outreach and Admissions Director at