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At Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School AFFORDABILITY is very important to us, check out our tuition information below, the 2021-2022 School Tuition Rates are determined by the School Commission.

2021-2022 school year:

K-8 In-Parish Tuition Rate: Families are registered and contributing and members of Holy Family Parish.

Full tuition rate12 Monthly Payments

(July 2021 – June 2022)

1 student$5,607$467
2 students$10,934$911
3 students$15,419$1,285
4+ students        $19,063                 $1,589


K-8 Non-Parish Tuition Rate: Per child and are not eligible for a sibling discount. Non- Parish rate is the cost to educate a child at Holy Family.

Full Day Full tuition rate12 Monthly Payments

(July 2021 – June 2022)

Each student$8,946$746


Preschool & Prekindergarten Tuition Rate for in parish and non – parish: Per child and are not eligible for a sibling discount.

Full Day Full tuition rate

12 Monthly Payments

(July 2021 – June 2022)

Each student$8,362$697

Please contact us for additional tuition questions.

Tuition assistance is available. Please contact the main office for more information and complete the application through FACTS Management.


Our Admissions process


Registration checklist:

  • Fill out the online Inquiry form (you’ll be promptly contacted by our Admissions team).
  • Schedule a tour by phone or by using the online inquiry form.
  • Following the tour you will receive a link to the online application for admission. 
  • If applying for K-8th admission, there will be a class tryout followed by a family meeting with the principal. 
  • A tuition contract will be generated in your SchoolAdmin account if admission is offered. 
  • Complete the before and after school supervision program (B.A.S.S.) contract. This needs to be filled out and signed even if you don’t think you’ll be using the before and after school program.  It gives the school permission to provide care if needed. Please upload it to your account or turn it in to the main office.
  • Volunteer hrs. All families are required to volunteer, please see the contract.  In order to volunteer, families need to complete the Safe Environment training designed to help keep our students safe. This should be done through Virtus at   http://www.virtusonline.org/virtus/  
  • Attention Kindergarten parents, we will let you know if an assessment is required at this time.

The following documents are required and must be uploaded to your Parent portal through SchoolAdmin:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Immunizations
  • Copy of Baptism certificate (If applicable)
  • Previous school information and paperwork for students transferring to Holy Family.
  • Copy of letter of financial Contributions to Holy Family Parish ( If applicable, for Catholic tuition rate)

Registration Fee:

The registration fee for families that are new to Holy Family is $425  that includes a one-time initial enrollment fee. 

Making the registration fee payment:

Once your contract is completed, you will be able to pay for registration by accessing the billing portal in schoolAdmin, (this will be your family’s financial account for the school) through this account you’ll be able to log in and make the payment directly using your bank account information. Payment can also be made by check at the school office.

If you have any questions regarding the contract or payment, you can contact our office administrator Nathalie at (206) 767-6640  or our  Outreach and Admissions Director Susie Orozco (206)331-4741. 

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