The School Commission at Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School serves as consultative group, advising the principal and pastor on school policy, finance and facilities. The School Commission is made up of 9 members from the parish, school and archdiocesan community. This group meets on a monthly basis, usually the last Tuesday of the month from 5:00-7:00pm. These meetings are generally open to the public.

Our School Commission Members have been carefully selected by the principal to serve a 3 year term assisting the school to move forward in alignment with the school’s mission statement.

2017-2018 Holy Family School Commission:

Fr. José Álvarez Pastor
Ms. Larkin Temme Principal
Mrs. Myrna Moffat President
Dr. Steve Morissette Vice President
Mrs. Lidia Lopez Secretary
Mrs. Kelly Dawson Parent Club President
Mr. James Purcell School Commission member
Ms. Rebecca Clark School Commission member
Ms. Kris Brown School Commission member
Mr. James Beck School Commission member