At Holy Family, we educate our students to be:

I. Faithful Christian Disciples

  • Practice Catholic traditions, Scripture, beliefs, history, and morals.
  • Actively participate in their Catholic faith and sacramental living.
  • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to serve others respectfully and selflessly.
  • Represent their faith with courage, devotion, and dignity both inside and outside of their academic environment.

II. Lifelong Learners

  • Express and demonstrate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Meet or exceed state standards in all subjects and disciplines.
  • Develop independent study habits, research techniques, and technology skills to mature into critical thinkers.
  • Interpret information using reflective and analytical skills.

III. Effective Communicators

  • Express oral and written thoughts clearly, using correct grammar and language mechanics.
  • Work cooperatively while listening actively and empathizing with different points of view.
  • Interact appropriately with socially diverse groups and individuals.
  • Value and respect peoples’ freedom of speech.

IV. Responsible Students

  • Evaluate and assess their work for strengths and for areas of improvement.
  • Take ownership of their learning and behavior.
  • Respect their environment and all who are present in it.
  • Foster their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical development.

V. Active Members of a Diverse Community

  • Value the customs of their culture as well as other cultures.
  • Address and resolve conflicts peacefully and with dignity.
  • Serve actively in their community.
  • Are aware of global issues and their effect on society.